Friday, September 6, 2013

Kima: The Giant Clam From Jepara

Kima is known as the giant clams or Tridacna gigas. Kima is the largest living bivalve mollusk in the world. It is very endangered species. Kima very rare and difficult to find in the ocean. There are lot of tourist come to Karimun island (Jepara) to see how this Tridacna gigas live in Karimun’s coral sand. 

Kima can wegh more than 200 kilograms, measure as 120 cm and live 100 years more. Population of Kima are diminishing quickly and become extinct in several area of indo-pacific. The largest kima ever found is on the north western coast of Sumatra around 1817. The weight of two shell was 230 kilograms and the scientist estimate the live weight of living kima is 250 kgs. The other largest kima ever found in Japanese Island. The two shell was 333 kg and this make scientist suggest that the living kima’s estimated weight was 340 kg.
Large Kima - image from wikipedia

When I was little, kima was easily found and harvest in Karimun Island. Dry kima can be found in local market. Thanks God now kima is forbidden. This endangered species are not a menu anymore. I have to admit that I hate the taste of kima. It’s very stinky and springy. If you do not have your best teeth, don’t you ever try eating these sautéed giant scallops. And the odor… OMG… my stomach nausea and want to vomit. I used to have to clean up twice or three times all cooking devices to make sure all odor are gone. And last 20 years ago, kima is become one of most wanted menu in Idul Fitri!


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